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For Better or For Worse

May 5, 2018
By silver_hunter14 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
silver_hunter14 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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For better or for worse,
Please don’t make me your foe.
Together we can take over this universe,
But only if you are by my side.

For years and years,
We shall laugh and smile.
Even though we may have many tears,
I will always remember when you showed me love.

The laugh and joy we will always share,
Can never be taken away by anyone.
I can always tell when you want to care,
Because you have been with me, even when times were hard.

Soon I will see you with her,
Sitting, laughing, and sharing what was ours.
I will not understand why this will occur.
And why are you giving her the love that was mine?

So I will beg you,
To please answer one question.
Why will I feel like a worn-out screw?
But I will make you one proposal.

If you are going to show a woman love,
Don’t do it with another one.
Pushing your only wife away as if she were a morning dove,
Having her begin to flee from you.

Soon I will ask you another question,
Do you love the other woman?
And you will nod,
Then I shall feel a sadness or maybe depression.

You'll shake your head,
And whisper “I’m sorry”,
But then I will feel such dread.
Never again will I feel your warmth. 

Because of your soon to be choice,
I may never see you again.
I was once able to be calmed by your voice,
And soothed by the smell of your cologne.

For better or for worse,
Please, why will you let me go?
Together, I promise we can take over this universe,
But you will have to go and choice her.

For years and years,
We should have laughed and shared a smile.
Even though we are going to have many tears,
I will always have to remember when you first showed me love.

The pain I will then feel when you chose her,
Will never be replaced again.
As you continue to say I’m sorry it’s just all a blur.
I have been replaced with her.

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