A Love Found at Last

May 4, 2018
By Anonymous

There liives a lady named Sue

who hasn't a clue what to do

for she's searched high and low

from Maine to Idaho

and still hasn't found a beau


There lives a man named Christopher

practioner, listener, ever the considerer

he's a man woman want to subsist among

but most others never discover he suffers

from a lonely wife

he wants a wife


Yesterday, Sue went to the store at four

to pick up some fish for later

what's more, Chris was at the door

in search of some pencils and paper

Amongst the disarray

their eyes met straightaway

and without delay, Chris bought Sue a bouquet

and said his joy would be made greater 

if he could date her

She said... sure, okay


Yesterday at four, Chris and Sue met at a store

today they got married in Singapore

to never be lonely anymore

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