What Really Is Pain

May 4, 2018
By ButterFlash BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
ButterFlash BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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Those who feel pain
Can’t express it
So others get hurt in the process
Of their raging fit
They lose many
And feel alone
So they hurts others
So they don’t feel pain alone
But not only the people around
Get hurt
They themselves are hurt
It’s as your slowing dying
From the inside

There’s plenty ways
To release anger
Some hurt themselves
Some hurt others
Either way
someone gets hurt

Physically or Mentally
Which is worse
I say mental
Because it’s always there
Always bugging
Going crazy
From the harsh words of others
Physical damage will always heal
They’ll be scars
But it’s a reminder of the pain
That hurt you

The author's comments:

For all those people who fell great pain.

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