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The Victim

May 2, 2018
By kaciemrich BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
kaciemrich BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Bitter sweet was the lesson I did learn;
I was the aggressor at first, but a victim I did turn;
It was just yesterday that I pushed, punched, and pummeled him;
simply because my group of vicious friends said to, and I could not question them;
It mattered not that little Paul was badly hurt and begged me to stop;
I cared not about him or his torn clothes or the fact that he would tell his pop;
Rather, earning the respect of my gang was my only concern;
So, I continued my acts of aggression until Paul’s stomach did churn;
It mattered not that my actions were ghoulish;
For my goal was to intimidate him and make him look foolish;
But suddenly things took a sharp turn when I swung and missed;
I turned as red in the face as if I had just been kissed;
My friends laughed at me and pushed me to the ground;
I was the victim this time around.

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