I Believe

May 2, 2018
By Anonymous

I believe that my future is full of opportunities and possibilities to take risks to reach out for the things you want. In the future we will have to step out of our comfort zone and take risks we may not want to. You wont succeed or survive in the future if you don’t take risks and take the opportunities that are given to you. You need to realize and appreciate what is given to you.

I believe that a relationship is full of honesty and trustworthiness. Also, I believe when you fight in a relationship it shows the other person cares about you. I also believe that fighting helps you learn more about how that person feels and how they think. Also, when one person cares a lot and gets jealous or worries to much it means that they truly do care and love you. Also, I believe God gave us the since about being in relationships so we can help each other through things that we don’t think we can get through alone. You shouldn’t push the people that love and care about you away. That just hurts you more because then you will think you are alone and will always be alone but it doesn’t just hurt you it hurts the people that love and care about you.

I believe that God gave us our friends to get us through life and to always have that person we can talk to and have by our sides. Even though some friends don’t work out doesn’t mean that everyone is going to be that way. Some people just aren’t meant to be your best friend. I also believe that God didn’t make those friends that are like family and that’s always there for you your sisters or brothers is because he didn’t believe our parents could handle us as sisters or brothers.

I believe our family is there for us and when we feel alone we can always go to them. When we have no friends you should think again because your family is your friend. You may fight or say you dislike each other but the thing is deep down you really truly love them to death. Your family will always be by your side unless you mess everything up to where no one cares anymore. But, try not to do that because one of these days when that does happen you will be alone and it’s not fun being alone.

I believe I am human and that I’m not something everyone can use or mistreat. I believe that everyone should be treated with respect and kindness. I believe that people should learn more manners and politeness and treat people with that stuff. No one likes being treated with rudeness and being mistreated. Even though they don’t show it on the outside they are really hurt on the inside.

I believe school is an opportunity to meet new people and to get out of our comfort zones and to take many different risks before we are let out into the real world. We have to learn the different things about the world so we know when we are in it. I believe we go to school to get a good education and so we can learn different things before we set out for the real world by ourselves. This is a big world and if you don’t have the right knowledge you need to survive you wont survive in it by yourself.

These are the things I truly believe in…..

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