A Voice

April 3, 2009
By Tima801 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
Tima801 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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Why silence when she screams out into the world
The tulips shutter in fear
Thunder fills the darkened skies
And slowly fell her tear

A shriek of anguish, Or perhaps even joy
For sure will not be known
the look on her face can not be told
Her expression never shown

Sitting back and watching
Not doing anything at all
Why does the world turns its back
When others try to call

Winds blow over the desert land
Once a place of peace
Now the dead are among this place
Where voices are forced to cease

This battle ground so cold and lonely
Just left alone together
The pride of the people lost long before
Now shaded grey forever

Her home destroyed, her family lost
This war has taken its toll
How long before they finally realize
War is just a hole

Sucked deep into the darkness
Never to escape again
The daylight bright and cheerful
But beneath innocence is slain

This little girl must make it on her own
She is only 5
What will she do?
Its to hard for her to survive

Again traveling looking for a place of peace
Stumbling against the broken graveled road
Her feet are cut and damaged
Her body frail and cold

She feel asleep under a walk way
And forever she will sleep
This poor girl never woke up
Her memory will never keep

Everyday kids are homeless
Left alone to die
Its sad when the truth comes out
Covered up for years with lies

Their voices never heard
Were they even real?
You take away their hearts
Everything to them you steal

No more silence
No more bloodshed and tears its time to make a choice
Come alive for those who can’t
Speak for those who lost their voice…

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