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"And the Cycle Continues" "We Never Win" and &"Trap"

May 6, 2018
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"And the Cycle Continues"

There is a higher chance of my brother being thrown in jail

Than getting his college degree

They treat the black male with a despicable principle

Making us seem like criminals

For they celebrate the white man to make us feel miserable

We get sent away just for some petty things

Thus we become the imprisonable

And our families struggling just to find a penny, dang

These racial disparities, help with their insecurities

But make us feel inferior, so they can feel superior

And as a result, generations and generations suffer

No father to make them supper, no daddy to help them be tougher

So they become rougher, trying to find their way

But the right path is so far away, society’s paving the way

They want us to be your average criminal, oh how it’s so typical,

But at the end, yet another generation will encounter their cynical ways

In 1971, the prison population was 200,000,

Now it’s over two million

And thus the cycle continues...


"We Never Win"

What power does the black man have?

They kill those trying to help the revolution, so we stop, do what we’re told

We can’t get a job, for we can’t get an education

Why is that?

It’s 2018, and  now we have learned

That black preschoolers make up about half of the preschoolers suspended.

SUSPENDED …. Suspended …... suspended.

“School - to - prison pipeline” is what they say


This is how the cycle continues.

School, is where we belong, but prison is where we are

While they have now risen and have made this now tradition

This tradition has put us in a position, where we are now criminalized


We are treated with despicable principles

While they are celebrated for doing the minimal

Psychotic games swirl around promoting a dangerous game

No one wins, everyone loses….  Game over




But why is it this way?
1915, Birth of a Nation came out, it portrayed what white people thought of us

Helped their ideas become a reality

Made sure our freedom wasn’t guaranteed

In the 70’s  they couldn't call us names

So they switched their tactics and

Used words they thought we couldn’t decode, this gave them time to reload their guns

This helped them make new laws

That were extremely flawed

We even had a war

It was us against the world

Every night we were posted on TV

Being arrested on petty crimes

All of a sudden we started to feel unsteady

We were afraid

This is what they wanted

It felt like we got hit with a grenade

The law says we should be free

Free of racism

Free of discrimination

They give us an all white jury, who look at us funny

There is no justice, they just keep locking us up

They make us worry, making the world look ugly

When we don’t get locked up, they put us on probation

We still feel chained to this hopeless society 

Probation is now a landmine, your life is now confined

To the strict rules of the law, it’s like you got the short end of the straw.

One little mishap, and your life's officially a rap

The author's comments:

This piece was written as a ELA assignment about Mass Incarceration. This is 1 out of the 3 poems I wrote about the topic. I hope these poems help insoire people to learn more about the topic Mass Incarceration and maybe even take action to fix this problem. 

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