A Fool in Love

April 3, 2009
By Oscar BRONZE, Clarksville, Arkansas
Oscar BRONZE, Clarksville, Arkansas
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Do you ever wonder how love occurs?
Maybe why love happens?
Or, do you wonder why God has given us the wonderful power to love another so passionately?

Well, heaven knows I’ve wondered about all these things
They probe my mind carefully, like a brain surgeon, every faintly brushing my thoughts
I can tell you now, though, I’m neither wise nor experienced enough to find those answers

I often think about those stirring thoughts, churning in my head, late at night
Often at times, I lie awake, staring at the ceiling blindly, turning the questions over in my mind
But, I can tell you that I, indeed, have loved another as wholly as I love myself

My love for her is endearing, insurmountable, and unconditional
Why I love her so passionately, I do not know, and I do not desire to know
I just hope it was all in God’s plan for my life

She is the most beautiful sight you’ll ever behold, an angel descended from heaven above
Brightening the darkness enshrouding my life, pulling me through the murky depths
Her smile is infectious, spreading from one face to another, gleaming brilliantly as the star lit sky

Her hair, as golden as a flowing field of wheat, traps the light, glowing magnificently in daylight
Her breath’s like wine, and just like clouds, my skin crawls
She’s so divine, the sky it glows, with fields of light, breaking into existence above her

Her voice chimes, breaking through the distorted crackle of sound blanketing my ears
Her eyes are the brightest of stars in my dimly lit twilight
A liquid emerald, sapphire, and gold---truly beautiful gems themselves

Her skin tender, fair, and warm to the touch
Such a vibrant personality she has, truly joyful, living life to the fullest
Though I represent very little of these things, she completes me

As natural as the rising dawn and falling twilight
Consuming fire and shattering ice
I can honestly say, losing her is losing part of me

The author's comments:
Well, if you can't tell, my girlfriend inspired me to write this one. It just feels like every time I see her, I feel like writing a poem. I'd like to describe her how Noah describes Allie in The Notebook: "A living poem."

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