A Collection of Landays From After the Red Lights Stopped Flashing

April 18, 2018
By grace.lee SILVER, Perrysburg, Ohio
grace.lee SILVER, Perrysburg, Ohio
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I can’t, and I won’t buy short sleeve shirts
I’ve spent all my money on tape for the breaking dam

I’m a sailor off to explore land
But I can’t admit I don’t know how to captain

My tongue is as dry as my brain now,
and my throat cracks when I laugh now; there’s blood everywhere

I live my hypothetical lives
And now the memories on my skin hurts all too much

My words flow just as London’s weather
But people still walk in sun with their umbrellas, heedless

The cones in my eyes are shades of gray
But don’t you dare tell my optometrist about this

I love you as dogs may love water
I knew a dog loved to swim, but now, a cat.

I’m a kid on the first day of school
I’m also that teen that slams doors and blasts loud music

You can just play in the shallow end
I promise the sharks in the depths won’t try and get you

I show you large billboards that say “Help!”
But I just also assume that you are dyslexic

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