The Convincing Book

May 1, 2018
By ShoshT. BRONZE, Long Branch, New Jersey
ShoshT. BRONZE, Long Branch, New Jersey
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I could not believe the dreadful news
My mother was just sitting there looking confused.
The problem was we found out she had eye cancer
There was no way I was taking death as an answer
Our house was overflowed with tears
The doctor said she would only live for two years
I tried to calm her down but she would push me away
All we could think to do was pray
She wouldn’t eat anything
But I told her she should be living life as a king,
To make the best of her last years alive
But then just like that in her bed she died
As I closed the book I was overwhelmed with fear.
But then with relief I heard my mother's heartbeat.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this poem were all the convincing books that I have read, that have pulled me into their stories and made me think that they were a reality.

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