April 3, 2009
By Jordan Grubb BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
Jordan Grubb BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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From seconds
To minutes
From hours
To days
As time goes by
So does my life

It seems to go faster
With every passing moment
When ever time will stop
Will I still be around

Will I be rich and famous
With everything I want
Or will I be poor and homeless
Wishing time would ebd sooner

I could possibly be right where i am
With the person I love
It confuses me
When time will end

Hopefully there will be
A sign shown to us
But until then
I'll enjoy my life as it is

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece whe i was thinking about my life and what haapens when i die. like where will i b. like seriously it bothers my mind just thinking bout it. also when time will end or if it will ever end and what will happen to me

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