In The Distance

April 3, 2009
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As I turn away
And begin to walk away
The sun starts to set
With the day coming to an end

I turn back and think
Think about the day
But i notice something
Far in the distance

Its not getting bigger
Nor is it getting smaller
I start to walk towards it
And I still cant make it out

I walked for hours
Towards the figure in the distance
I finally figured that
Its not coming any closer

So I turn my head the other way
And walk away
But then I think to myself
About the figure

I turned back around
And started running towards it
Ive been running for days
Ive been running for months

The figure started to become clearer
With every passing month
Until i finally reached it

I saw waht it was
And said to myself
The waiting
Was worth it

All the obstacles
I overcame to
Just reach it
Was worth it

I t was the most miraculous thing
Ever put on the Earth
I will hold on to the figure
And I will never let go

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