April 30, 2018
By chloeullenberg BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
chloeullenberg BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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I stand
The star spangled cloth withers in the wind silent
My hand hovering my heart

Thanking them for my free land
The silence makes the words become violent
I feel you’re here even if we're apart

Standing commemorating those who fought and died
My standing shows a strong support
Love ties together for military women and men

Not being able to comfort them as they cried
A destroyed place where they cannot abort
Seeing a bullet go through the chest of at least ten

Watching them walk back through my door, my eyes stay wide
These are the people that fought for my peace
They are the heros with a special shine

As a daughter of a military man I have much pride
For military men and women, my love can only increase
I stand to honor those who gave their life for mine





Scouring the street
Singled out in the pitch black

With a gun glued to my side
They hide one too

Waiting for the someone I’m forced to meet
Trying to keep safe from the attack

I am here to protect myself and the rest
I accept the emotional stress to ensure safety for my people

I strive to ensure a criminals defeat
Even if that means getting shot in the back

I’ll be there when nobody else is
I am here to assist anyone near and far

I pray the innocent live without worry
I pray the criminals don’t suffer
I pray my wife and kids stay protected if I end up gone






My face flushed as the fierce flames fueled further

All aligned attacking me with abusive anger

The irruption ignored the ice until it isolated in illness

My scared scar sealed soon after the soda was sprinkled

The rush of red reversed the rooms

The declining danger dropped down to die

Those firefighters fought my flame

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