Some Days I Just Want to Run Away...

April 5, 2009
Life is confusing and pointless sometimes,
It's hard and montous,
I think about running away everday when a day is too much,
but life is not for giving up or tears,
the courage we hold is much stronger then you think, we hold the key to our lives and we cannot throw it away,
times are stuff and stressful but you have to learn nothing is worth giving up on life,
no matter how hard life can come by there are always better days,
people can be horribble but you have to remeber that the reason some poeple left your life is because they never belonged there anyway,
you are going to break somedays but nothing is worth letting go of life,
keep your head held high and keep going...

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Breakeven said...
Apr. 17, 2009 at 7:08 pm
Really great work here. I feel that i can relate to this. Bravo :)
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