Street Music

April 3, 2009
By Madison Frye BRONZE, East Grand Rapids, Michigan
Madison Frye BRONZE, East Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Your pulse races,
Your heart beats faster every moment,
Not to the rhythm of your thoughts,
But to the beat of the music around you.
It is a ball bouncing,
A foot being taped,
A whistler mindlessly humming a tune,
The soft tremors of piano keys fading in the distance,
A young child crying sounds like an angel singing to your ears,
Only the beholder of this great music would silence its unending melody,
If they could,
The echo around you fades,
The keys of the piano end their note,
The ball stops bouncing,
The foot tap’s its last tap,
The mindless whistler quiets,
The young child ends their serenade,
Yet your pulse is still racing,
Your heart is still beating faster than before,
For you can not find the music That brought you to life again.

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