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Last Game

April 25, 2018
By ziggychamberlain BRONZE, Fort Peck, Montana
ziggychamberlain BRONZE, Fort Peck, Montana
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Live fast die young

Arrived at last
9 hours had passed
Sleepy, stir crazy, smelly but ecstatic because we’re here, State
Only a few losses we had, expected to win it all
Ego’s were enormous, who could blame us with all the hype

Game one, we pulled a Scottie usual, choked
Came up short to St. Igneous
Two more games to stay alive, achieved
Disappointed in ourselves, having too much confidence.

Saturday, first game at noon against our rival, Huntley Project
Victorious with ease, 10 runs past

Had no clue what was to come, heartbreak
3 p.m was the time
Ran a lazy slow lap, stretched our worn out arms
The sound of the music from our speaker and the laughter, I will never forget.

Retreated to the dugouts
Home plate coin flip
lost, away team was our consequence
Away team equaled batting first
Batting, worst part of the sport
3 outs quickly passed, time for the best part of the game

leg guards awkwardly placed, chest protector strapped way too tight.
Grab my helmet and glove, walk to my place, behind the plate.
Our pitcher, amazing. 5 different pitches that never missed.
4 time all state pitcher, unheard of.

My favorite sound, the pop from the glove.
The feeling of the dirt in the teeth of my cleats underneath me.
The sweat though, so much sweat. Horribly beautiful.
No idea it was my last game as a Scottie


12 innings back and forth, amazing plays from both ends.
Bottom of the inning, we were defense
Runner crosses finally, heartbroken I sit in the dirt I once loved so much.
Realized everything we worked so hard for was gone.
Realized I would never be a state champion
Realized I would never play with this team again

Took in everything in me to stand up, shake off the dirt, to return the broken benches and battered bats
Shock, did not believe it was over, no tears yet
In the torn up outfield, singing the school song, no one could understand
end of an amazing career
just wish I would have known it was my last.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this peace for my love of sports. I especially love softball and this game touched me greatly. This was something very easy but hard to talk about. 

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