April 25, 2018
By AissataKeita BRONZE, Bronx, New York
AissataKeita BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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A stranger I am
Yes, I am a stranger
“Different” runs through my veins my
Vision is clear
Despite the immoral and “progressive” morals
Made and imposed by society’s “masterminds”

I am a stranger
For my name is
Assigned to me
My name is ‘terrorist’
My name is ‘bomb under your scarf’
My name is ‘enemy’
My name is ‘Go back to your country’

A person is a stranger
When you don’t know their name
But they are also strangers when
They are called by names
Thataren’t theirs

Stranger, I am
Yes, I am a stranger
I roam the earth as a Traveler
Only stopping for what’s necessary
A breath.
Along the way
If you’re quick enough
You might catch me
Though I only answer to
The few intelligent/intellectual beings

I am a stranger
For my heart beats
A soft rhythm in contrast
To the vast majority of mankind
Whose heartbeats sound like
Rock against metal

I am a stranger because
I haven’t extracted the
Disease of ignorance

My name is ‘Ghuraba’--stranger
Glad tidings to my fellow Travelers
Our minds weren’t wired to
Be impressed with the magic of
Societal structure
Light on our feet and
Eyes straight ahead
Our only aim is to
Get to the end

So glad tidings to the
Strangers, and may our
Goal of a blissful eternity
Be fulfilled

The author's comments:

Well, this pertains to the idea of being a Muslim in a time when Islam is being deemed 'a violent religion'. I feel that all Muslims feel like strangers now, we don't feel we belong and so I took this idea, embraced it, live it, and wrote about it.

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