God's Love

April 6, 2009
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God's Love

Bustling chapels line the empty streets.
Thousands of faces mouthing empty words.
Carrying crosses like American flags,
While wars for God fill body bags.

Crowded mosques speak to the silent town.
Thousands of faces poised to kill for God.
Lighting bombs like acts of faith,
While helpless widows wonder who is safe.

Speachless homes are ignored by madding crowds.
Thousands of faces crying out for love.
Screaming, their voices fall on ears like whispers,
While bombs for peace destroy their sisters.

Burning pulpits preach to the silent town.
Thousands of faces can no longer speak.
Wearing coffins like a winter gloves.
Is this God's true cost of love?

God dogma and docrtine, we are bigger than our divisions.
Burn bibles, torahs, and Korans,
we speak now only of love.

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