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Kerosene and Nicotine

May 2, 2018
By Katlea BRONZE, Ashtabula, Ohio
Katlea BRONZE, Ashtabula, Ohio
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Of kerosene and nicotine, both are quite the same
Cherishing the memories of faded summer days.
Praise is what I wish to have,
Accomplishments galore.
Please don’t ever let me down
It hurts more than before

Kerosene and nicotine, they help me pass my mind
Guess I was made from amphetamines, they won’t leave me to die
Wash away my misery a little at a time
Kerosene and nicotine help cover up the lies
Picture perfect families ruin me bit by bit
But I am built back up again, just like another fib

I miss the burning flames that crawl across my skin
The feel of cigarettes so warmly digging in
Emptiness cannot compare,
Not to the way it makes my problems disappear
Maybe I’m the screwed up one here,
Maybe I’m the fall-

But kerosene and nicotine, they help me lose it all.

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