My ode to a book store

March 6, 2009
By Diabolical_Bird BRONZE, La Junta, Colorado
Diabolical_Bird BRONZE, La Junta, Colorado
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My ode to a book store

Oh bookstore how I love you
Especially when you have a coffee shop inside of you.
Even if I don’t want to drink the coffee,
The smell of coffee and new books pleases my nose.

I love your plethora of books,
And selected jazz music playing on the speakers.
Not as quiet as a library, not as loud as a classroom.
You are my heaven

You are like an amusement park.
I wish I could spend all my days within your walls
Reading all of the different books
Even the ones I don’t like

Oh bookstore
I hope the feeling is mutual
But it must be, you keep drawing me in
With the promise of another book

Please don’t disappoint me
My love
For I have given you
My heart

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