Ending The Nightmare

March 6, 2009
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Blood runs cold under my finger tips as the blade in my hand slides over my skin.My body is to numb to feel the cut,so I watch as my pain runs down my arm slowly onto the floor.Without a second thought I slide the blade again,over my skin just a bit deeper this time.I sit cross legged on the floor looking down at the blood that covers my arm and then into the mirrior.My skin is pale my eyes are dark.I see the girl in the reflection and think,this is not me.But I was wrong,this is me.Since that last kiss,the last look,and that last fight,I have tried to take awawy the pain.Every time a little deeper,every time easing it just a little bit more,but a little bit wasn't enough...I take the thin cold blade into my hand grasping it with my finger tips...The final cut about six inches long and about an inch or so deep.The blood runs like water.My body goes white and I begin to shake,I fall back and see the light.Ending the nightmare easing the pain!

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