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Creative Writing Submission

May 1, 2018
By jvgilbert01 BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
jvgilbert01 BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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Sensory Poem #1
I see something wrinkly
Dried, and small.
I touch its sticky skin.
It is bumpy…
Almost leathery…
I hear sizzles like the sound of the frying pan
On Sunday mornings.
I hear bubbles pop slowly.
I smell the tartness of the insides.
I taste that tartness.
But I feel
I taste
What I have never liked.


Sensory Poem #2
I see the crisp green surroundings.
A perfect mix of dry and alive.
I see things moving all around me.
I see a white butterfly float over the blinding sun.
I hear the mellow breeze circling me.
But behind the fresh nature,
I see a box of Panda Express.
I touch the rough tree,
With its crumbling skin.
But behind the dead bark,
Many new things are growing.
I hear the wind talking.
I smell bagels.
I taste the fresh air.
I feel happy.


Lune #1

Test is coming                                        

Why did I not study                 
It’s a Saturday 


Lune #2

Going down fast

Ears ringing with the screams

Best rollercoaster ever


Lune #3

I'm coming downfield

Getting ready for the shot

Practice is over


Purpose Paragraph
People write poetry to express emotion in a different way. They express themselves with more deep descriptions and different views. Like sensory writing, poems create a good way to experience your surroundings and think. Lunes also draw the reader in and create a situation to think twice about. To view the world in a different way, or think in depth about simple things. Poems open your eyes by using intense descriptions. People write poetry to experience strong emotions.


Reflection Paragraph
This year I have grown as a writer. I have found new techniques and my style of writing has changed a lot. I am always trying to improve my writing and now I know new ways of writing. I have done these types of writing before but never realized the difference between the words I put together. I struggle with timed writing sessions like the Personal Writing Journal. I am not the best when it comes to time management while writing because I get caught up in my stories. Writing for me is usually something freeing I can do in my spare time. I don’t like writing for an assignment because I am rushed. I take my time with my writing and I love pouring out all my feelings into stories. I think I did well on annotating the books we’ve read because I am good at analyzing and thinking more deeply. This is a sum of my year, and I’ve learned many new things.

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