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Another New

May 1, 2018
By SCMGgirl7752 BRONZE, Filer, Idaho
SCMGgirl7752 BRONZE, Filer, Idaho
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I can't remember the last time I remembered the nothing.

Like a secret that everyone knows, 

Like something that cannot be hidden, but neither seen.


I've waited for so long,

so long to be seen

so long to be known

so long to belong

so long, so long for it all.

I cannot wait any longer.


I am becoming lesser by every day

I am becoming lesser than what I used to be.

I am no longer what I used to be.


I wait patiently

I wait 

I wait

I wait

I wait

I wait

I wait

I wait


I am so along but there is nothing there.

There was a new day yesterday, but no nothing.

There was a new light, a new person, a new smeel. 

But today, there is nothing. 

To wait for so long but to find nothing is such a let down.

To have a deep want of something but recieve nothing feels as though of such a waiste.


I am not that

I am not that anymore

I listen to the sounds

I head to the words that I am told

I create the land, seen in paintings

I create the song, stuck in your head.


Something from the shadows emerging from under.

Something that cannot be withheld.

Something new.

It is the New.

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