<Panic Pass>

April 30, 2018

Panic disorder is so much more than just saying
"I can't do this"
It's losing control
Mind going blank forgetting everything
Breathing, speaking, and emotion
It's when your last breath runs out but now you've
Somehow forgot how to breath
It's when a class full of people are waiting for
You to speak but can't 
It's when all the built up emotions finally have had
Enough and introduce themselves
At this point, your "I can't do this" just turned into
6 pm seeing the crescent-shaped marks you left
Trying to pull yourself together
To sit in your own home having a simple
Conversation and realizing you're covered in hives
With tears in the corners of your eyes
Panic disorder isn't a simple "I can't do this"
It's every painstaking, nearly life consuming
Toxic partner, you can't get away from

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