Is Love Real?

April 29, 2018
By McKynzie BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
McKynzie BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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Even when he came over to my house, I believed that he was different.  I believed that he would stay with me for a while.  I was wrong.  In the end I realized something: they never stay.  No matter what.  In reality everyone is suppose to believe that true romance or real love is real, but it really isn’t.  I still believe he is a great person despite our circumstances; he still is a great person with a good heart.  It just didn’t work for us, I guess.  In time I will become ok with this, but as of now it hurts. 
Week’s prior, on my way to pick him up, butterflies fluttered in my tummy.  His street sign became closer and closer as I drove.  I turned my bright candy apple red car down his street and parked right in front of his house.  I texted him quickly, “I’m here.”  He waited a couple seconds, which seemed like forever later to reply.  A few moments later, he emerged from his soft blue gray house.  The butterflies fluttered a million times faster once I saw his face.  His friends scampered off to their car, while he sauntered to mine.  Upon walking up to my car, he looked at me through the windshield.  He swiftly opened the door and graciously sat in the passenger seat.  He then looked at me and greeted, “Hey.”  My cheeks flushed with shades of pink and red, and I muttered, “Hi.”  I smiled like an idiot at him as I pulled away from his house.
On the drive back to my house, the car ride felt comfortable and at ease.  We made small talk and just asked each other questions to get to know each other better.  We arrived to my house, the little snowy white farmhouse.  We walked through the front door, and I started to fiddle with objects in the home.  I plugged in the wax warmer and placed a new wax cube in it. The house instantly smelt like a vanilla bakery.  I plugged in our lights above our kitchen the light, filling up the vacantness of the dark.  I turned and looked over at him studying my glossy black fridge.  He’s just stared, trying to figure out the pictures on the door.
“Are you hungry?” I questioned him.
He answered back, “Yes, I haven’t really eaten all day.”
I frowned at him and softly stated, “I’ll be right back.” 
I scampered off to my garage in search of something to eat.  I looked into the freezer and found some pizza rolls.  I grabbed them quickly and scooted back to the house to get out of the cold.  I opened the front door; the scent of warmth and vanilla hit my face.  I found him sitting at the table on his phone silently.  I prepared the oven and pan for the pizza rolls, and then I threw them into the oven.  I turned and looked at him and found him watching me already.  I asked him, “You want to go in the living room and watch movies?”
He declared, “Yes.”
I replied, “Ok, uh, what movie do you want to watch?”
He shrugged his shoulders and answered, “I don’t care.  We’ll figure it out.”
We made our way to the kitchen from the living room, waiting on the pizza rolls to finish.  The movie began to play when the scent of the pizza rolls rolled in.  I went and checked on them and saw that they were finished.   I called out to my sister and him that they were finished, and we all served ourselves.  We hurried up and ate the crunchy and warm pizza rolls.  My sister ran upstairs as we sat down on the couch.  She left me alone with him, and I instantly grew nervous again.  I curled up like a cat at the end of the couch while he sprawled out next to me.  His khaki pants filled up my peripheral vision, and I turned and looked at him.  His dark chocolate eyes looked at me; his chiseled face turned to the side.  He grumbled, “Come here.”  I scooted back and laid my head on his soft fuzzy sweater.  He wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled the blanket around us tighter.  The big fluffy blanket created a cocoon of warmth between us.  His spicy and masculine scent filled up my nose, which put me at ease.  I fell asleep on him without even realizing it.  I did not realize I fell asleep on him until he gently squeezed me because he had to use the restroom.  I sat up, and he sauntered away to the restroom.  When he emerged from the restroom, his glossy tousled charcoal hair gleamed in the light.  The movie finally ended, so we ended up picking a gorier one: The Grey. 
He sat back down once we figured on the movie.  Once he sat down, he grabbed me and hauled me against him.   Immediately, his warmth and his comforting scent reached me again.  We just lay there and watched the movie, making small talk.
I sighed, “I don’t want to go to practice.”
He squeezed me gently and whispered, “Don’t think about it.  We have a little bit more time.”
“I know, I just don’t want to go,” I grumbled back.
He just laughed softly and stated, “Just relax. We’ll go in a little bit.”
Eventually, the time struck 5:55 in the evening, indicating that I needed to take him home soon. I frowned and looked at him, finding him already looking at me.  We made our way to the kitchen and retrieved our shoes and coats.  On our way out the door, I yelled out, “Loves!” to my sister upstairs. 
When the cool crisp night greeted us as we strolled to my car our breath danced lightly in the night.  We hopped into my car and started to drive off back to his house.  On the whole way there, we gave each other small little glances out of the eye at one another.  He just smiled at me, showing me his pretty crooked white teeth that could light up the world. 
Arriving at his house, we pulled up to the little driveway in front of his house.  I parked to car and turned to look at him.  Once again I found him already silently watching me, making me self-conscious.  My face instantly became flamed as red as a fire truck, and the butterflies returned to my tummy.  He just grabbed my face; his warm and calloused hand greets my face as he turned my face toward him.  His gave me a sweet and brief kiss goodbye,  which made my butterflies flutter faster.  We pulled away from each other, and his hand left the side of my face.
He rumbled, “Text me.”
I smiled like a fool and replied, “Ok. Goodnight”
He graciously lifted himself out of my car, unlike me who’s a clumsy fool, and swiftly walked to his house.  As I drove away, I kept thinking to myself how happy I felt and how great of a day I had with him.  I also thought to myself, ‘Hopefully this one stays with me for a while.’

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