That Was A Bad Idea

April 28, 2018
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Creating the best memories,
But doing it in the worst way.
losing sight, but seeing what’s in front of you
Holding on to the things that we miss the most
Regretting things that should have never  happened
that was a bad idea.

How the sun shined so hard,
That you needed shades,
To block everything and everyone out
Only to lose the people we love
that was a bad idea .

Hiding from who you want to be,
Making the decisions of a lifetime,
That affects everything, and everyone.
that was a bad idea .

And not one, but two were
Sitting in a cell , Writing on the walls
Wasting time,
Wasting space,
that was a bad idea.

Never learning from the past
Making mistake after mistake
Continuing to believe that there was no other choice
Wasting energy, on things they want,
But will never get.
that was a bad idea .

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