April 27, 2018
By Miss.Nobody SILVER, Behtlehem, Pennsylvania
Miss.Nobody SILVER, Behtlehem, Pennsylvania
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"lux en tenebris"

Moral standard of society or standards are a joke mentality of a being,
the mind rooted in reality but reality fabricated with what we associate with normality formed from lies.
Or in short what they want us to believe.
where the mind is taught to build misconception, but those lucky enough to escape the clutch of vine tangles of society.
labeled psychotic I applaud you.
A joke.
You see the truth and falsity, a sin of our reality.
the thrill of fear.lust of power even sanity.
lost all what bliss.
to lose ourselves,
dwell in our mind drowned by desire.
The life of those who are labeled not sane.
But it is you who is more morbid and twisted than I.
but you that see us as ailing and corrupted beings. Labeled as a rapist, killers.
yearning for bloodlust, emotions aroused from us. But you give us the drugs to stop our thoughts and build the walls.
It is you who locks us away in cells, treating us as if we were animals-but it is you my friend that is the animal.

The author's comments:

idea from watching a documentary on the brain.

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