Sanibel Island

April 27, 2018
By elleo4 BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
elleo4 BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
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have you ever been to a place you are so in awe of you don’t have words for. My place is Sanibel Island. In Sanibel time stops and and feels like nothing is going on back at home without you. It is a place of no worries and fun. It’s like one of those dreams you never wanna wake up from. In Sanibel I learned how to let go, be carefree ,and live without of stress.
If you are looking for a nice and relaxing vacation spot with many activities and restaurant choices you should definitely give Sanibel Island Florida a try. Sanibel is located right by Fort Myers and Captiva Island so you can go on and off the island whenever you want. Also when you are there you definitely cannot forget about the beautiful sights to see that will leave you in disbelief.
There are many activities to consider doing when you are visiting Sanibel. One of the best and easiest activities to do is renting paddle boards or kayaks. All you have to do is call their company and they will drop of a kayak or paddleboard off at the place you are staying. Once your renting time is over you bring them to the spot where they dropped it off and they will come and pick it up. It is as easy as that. It is one of my favorite activities to do. Another activity to have in mind is segway tours. You may be wondering how do we know where to go and what to see? Well no worries you have a tour guide showing you all the history, tropical vegetation, and local wildlife on the Island. The whole experience takes about 90 minutes and includes practice with the segway so you know how to work it. If theses two activities are not for you don’t worry there is wildlife tours, fishing, museums, Sanibel's marina, and many more.
There is a variety of different restaurants on Sanibel depending if you wanna go somewhere classy, fun, or based on the kind of food they have. One of the Island favorites is Lazy Flamingo. This restaurant is known for there seafood but still has different items on the menu if your not into seafood. This restaurant has a bar but is still kid friendly with outdoor seating. I have been going to Lazy Flamingo since day one. It is a bright pink restaurant portrayed as a cruise ship. If you wanna go for a more classy kind of restaurant Cips is the place for you. People that have been there seemed to be very pleased with their choice. The restaurant's menu vays from seafood to Italian to many more options. They also have very good quality service. If these restaurants don’t sound good to you don’t fret there are many more options on the Island.
When on Sanibel you will miss the whole experience if you don’t look at the sights that the island has to offer. You will be missing out if you don’t go on the Sanibel Thriller. This is a speedboat thats takes you all around Sanibel and Captiva to show you all the dolphins.You will see dolphins that come right behind and hop in the wake showing off all their tricks. Almost everyone that goes on the thriller never regrets their experience. It is must do the thing when on the Island. Another must-see is the Sanibel sunrises. I know it is hard to wake up early and drag yourself out of bed but trust me the sun rise will be worth it. The sun rises are filled with bright colors and you can see it through Sanibel. Don’t worry if you don’t catch the sunrise the sunset is right on Captiva just 20 minutes away.
Being on Sanibel is one of the best experiences. I have been going for more than thirteen years and the Island never disappoints with all there attractions, sights, restaurants, and activities. Everyone should experience Sanibel once in their lives. You will make so many happy and fun memories if you give Sanibel Island a try.

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This piece is very near in dear to my heart because I have gone to this place so many times

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