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Growing Up

April 25, 2018
By Haily_Jordan BRONZE, Harvard, Illinois
Haily_Jordan BRONZE, Harvard, Illinois
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We played with chalk
We rode our bikes

We stayed out until the street lights sparked on like fireflies brightening the night.



We learned
That bad words were never right
But boomed them loud when teacher were out of sight.


Middle School  

We stood up in class to flaunt our outfits
And told little lies to get what we wanted
We were ignorant
We were clowns
We were princes and princesses 


High School   

We lost our “Ride Or Dies” and got rid of cliques
We studied hard and planned to get rich
We joined our sports and went to dances
And we finally found our real voices



We’ll get ready for life
We’ll say we aren't ready because we’re still kids
We’ll reminisce the memories made

The author's comments:

No ones wants to grow up but after all those years of confidence you got it!

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