If only

March 6, 2009
If Only

If only he was stronger
He could have protected them
As he falls to his knees the rain
Beats down on him like a thousand knives
As the demon leaves laughing along with his pets

If only he was faster
He may have got there in time
As he looks at his blood drenched hands
And then towards his daughter that died in his arms
From that gash on the back of her head

If only he was smarter
He may have saved them
As he remembers his team's last words
“Take him down for us sir”
As the mist starts to rise off the battlefield

And ripped from those pages
His friends, family and team they took it all
As he looks at the gun he used to
Put to his son out of his desolation
As he finished coughing up black blood

He said “one day I will get my revenge”
As the rain continues to fall light turns to dark.

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