Ode to My Up Tempos

March 6, 2009
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Take my “sneaks” out of the closet, their home for many days
Lace them up; get them ready for the hard-working game
Once piled upon shoes, now my close companion
I do my warm-ups on the St. Anthony’s court
Just like the other playas
When it’s time, I lace em’ again
Step onto da court and play my hardest
With my worn out heels squeak on the hard wood floor
I steal the pass
Run down the court
Get fouled
And 1
The sweat running down my hair falls onto my shoes
I shoot the free throw and we almost have the lead
I go back to defense as their best playa brings it up
He goes to the hoop and I stand my ground and
Brrrrrrrrrrrrng the whistle blows and they call the foul on him
That would have been on me;
If it wasn’t for my awesome shoes
It’s our last chance to win
We bring the ball up court
This moment is like a moment you always dream of
The game on the line
It’s your chance to win it
I call for the ball
Look at the clock
2 seconds
The game is in my hands now
Dribble to the hoop
Plant my feet
The buzzer rings
The ball still in the air
The championship is ours

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