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Some Nights

April 17, 2018
By Anonymous

Some nights I just sit in my room. I’ll just sit there. I’ll be as quiet as the vacuum of space. I’ll be as still as a lake in the summer’s night. I’ll just sit there. I try and erase it from my mind. Turns out you can’t erase etchings. And I’ll just sit there. The more I try and get rid of them, The more boiling tears run down my cheek. But I’ll just sit there. I pray in the back of my head, “I hope you're awake, and you’ll make sure I'm okay…” And I sit there. Then I look at my reflection. He mocks me. I wanna shatter the glass with one punch, But I just sit there. Who cares? Life’s too short. Let’s do something. Something that’ll surely get me popular. I try to move. I just sit there. Am I just lonely? Am I depressed? Or am I just in this funk and should grow up? I ponder these things late at night. I can see the new sun dawning. But, I just sit there.

The author's comments:

I know for a fact I'm gonna get called 'emo' by my classmates for posting this... Meh. Who cares. This is what most of my nights consist of. You may think, "Omg, Same!", Or "Me!". But this is real. I've spent countless nights with this same results. I hope to find some people who I can actually talk to. Someone I can trust.



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