Some Nights

April 17, 2018
By , Ankeny, IA

Some nights I just sit in my room. I’ll just sit there. I’ll be as quiet as the vacuum of space. I’ll be as still as a lake in the summer’s night. I’ll just sit there. I try and erase it from my mind. Turns out you can’t erase etchings. And I’ll just sit there. The more I try and get rid of them, The more boiling tears run down my cheek. But I’ll just sit there. I pray in the back of my head, “I hope you're awake, and you’ll make sure I'm okay…” And I sit there. Then I look at my reflection. He mocks me. I wanna shatter the glass with one punch, But I just sit there. Who cares? Life’s too short. Let’s do something. Something that’ll surely get me popular. I try to move. I just sit there. Am I just lonely? Am I depressed? Or am I just in this funk and should grow up? I ponder these things late at night. I can see the new sun dawning. But, I just sit there.

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