These Things I Save

February 20, 2009
By Tony Hocker BRONZE, Santa Rosa, California
Tony Hocker BRONZE, Santa Rosa, California
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I save ticket stubs
And movie posters
I save the labels on bottles
And worn out coasters
I save off my pants
All my stickers and tags
And from the store where I bought them
I save the shopping bags
I save glass bottle
Mainly to save the caps
I love the way it sounds
When I press the seal and it snaps
I save the notes in a song
For as long as I can in my head
Before it soon fades away
And the melody sadly goes dead
I save the color of the rose
That I passed on the street
With a color like that
No other flower could compete
I save little things
That do the world no change
But it’s the little things that count
Life’s that way, it’s kinda strange
I save the little things
Like the way her hair would shine
And how her every possession held so much power
Way greater than anything of mine
I save the sparkle in her eye
Or her number of smiles so extremely vast
I save the way I felt
When her life was ended way too fast
I save the tears upon my face
When she said she was ready to go
And even though I knew it was best
I fought her and told her no
I save the heartache that my family felt
When they her heart would beat no more
I save the screams that tore their throats
When my mother received her final score
But I also save the weight
That has been lifted from her arms
And the weight of my body as well
Now that I know she is safe from harm
I save her memory
And what she would have wanted of me
I save the words she would have said
And with her vision I can see
So I say goodbye
I will smile and I will wave
And I will keep holding on
To all these things I save

The author's comments:
My mother passed away on August 20, 2007. I thought my world was over. However, as I slowly become my self again I am realizing just how much ispiration I continue to get from her. This is a piece I recently wrote. This one goes to you mom.

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