February 19, 2009
By Anonymous

The rain is here.
A low light mist.
I can see heavy clouds.
In distance, waiting to get to me.
It's dark and moody out,
as you always are.

You awake yell and complaints.
Is all I hear.
The rain is starting to get harder.
I can feel little thuds on the roof.
You come close to me, yelling at my face.

What did I do.
Go back to sleep.
The rain won't leave till late.
It's harder now, rocks hitting the roof.
You grab my arm, shake me.

Lightning, I see it through the corner of you're eye.
You grab my face.
I can feel you're fingers digging into my jaw.
You push me.

More lightning, flashes.
Still yells.
I'm whipping now.
I feel tears in my eyes.

Stop, stop I say.
You're eyes glare at me, I have awoke something.
Thunder, I hear in the distance.

Still on the floor, picks me up.
Hit's me.
My face burns.
Thunder I hear it everywhere.
You keep hitting, pushing, yelling.
The storm crashing down everywhere.

is all I said.

It's clear now.
The rain is gone.
I can see the sun poking out of the clouds.
Little glimpse of a rainbow.

I smile,
then someone taps my shoulder.
I turn around, and welcome is all he says.

The author's comments:
It's hard to write about this, it hurts.
I hope you understand.
It means something.

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