February 19, 2009
By A.T.D. BRONZE, Fountain, Colorado
A.T.D. BRONZE, Fountain, Colorado
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Purple flames of the royal laments
Crimson hearts of men from past times
Black banners of the men now fallen
Silver crescents in the fading light

White lace at the funeral
Grey beards wet with tears
Blackened hearts of the mourners
Clear crystals of leaking eyes

The earth is brown where it is opened
The red and white flowers on the grave
A sea of black amidst the lawn
Streams of silver down every face

The world keeps spinning its blues and greens
The grey stones never showing any change
A black velvet sky sparkles with mystery
The red sun sinking on the horizon

No one moved
No one spoke

An unspoken agreement
The silence their tribute

As the last body was lowered
Into the dark gaping hole
The sun fully sank behind the hills

I thought
How fitting

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