February 19, 2009
By BLT..93 SILVER, Laurel, Maryland
BLT..93 SILVER, Laurel, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
I will never have another you.


Why Maryland?
Why must you be so ordinary?
What do you have to offer?
How can I be a star in your state?
For I am a risk-taker, thrill-seeker, an adventurer

Why Maryland?
How come you are so compact?
Why can’t you be more like Cali?
Why must your site be oh so plain?
For city lights, bright nights, amazing sites is the life

Why Maryland?
Why can’t you understand my desires?
Who are you to hold me back?
Where would I be with you staring back at me?
For I am meant to stand out, don’t need no doubts

Why Maryland, Why?

The author's comments:
Born and raised in Maryland allows me to have an idea as to what Maryland iis like. I can't wait to move out of this state and be in California...hopefully!

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