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April 25, 2018
By TehyaCampbell BRONZE, Glasgow, Montana
TehyaCampbell BRONZE, Glasgow, Montana
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It’s getting warm
Keeping up with grades, is frustrating, homework
Studying is like torture
It is stressful, exhausting, sitting in a class for hours
ending up doing not as well as you thought you would on a test is disappointing,
It’s getting warm in here

It’s getting warm enough to wear shorts
The sun hitting my skin
No more sitting in class all day
Listening to teachers talk
More of sitting at the lake all day
Listening to the waves
Campfires smoking, the wood crackling, flames dancing
Forming a circle with your friends to roast marshmallows

It’s finally getting warm again
No more school
More time for friends
More time for myself
Stress free and worry free
No more studying, ruining your sleep schedule
More endless nights of staying out all night and sleeping in all day
Its warm enough to wear shorts

Warm enough to burn your cheeks and bronze your skin
No more red noses from the cold
The skies are lit up with gold
No more bland classrooms, white slushy roads, or frigid snow storms
The humid thunderstorms, green grass, blooming flowers, and bugs buzzing around in the air are all wonderful signs of summer
It’s finally warm

The author's comments:

This piece is about my favorite season, summer. 

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