Grandma Nora

April 25, 2018

Cousins, egg hunts, christmas cookies
Grandkids, foot pillows,
We frosted the holidays with family
She was the frosting on the cookie
Grandma’s house was a sanctuary, hideaway, a safe haven
We gathered there, a heaven for the living
snuck food from the kitchen before dinner

Frozen ice across the street
Ice skating , rollerblades,foot pillows
A garden where everything bloomed
It was a theme park
Activities were nonstop
She was the harbor

Grandma Nora was a chef
Ham and turkey
In and out of the oven
Baked goods
Holidays came
We all wanted more 

Grandma's garden bloomed
And then faded
She was the nurse that she needed

Grandma Nora was a saint
Grandma Nora was the most caring 
Grandma Nora is shown
The sweetest white haired catholic I knew
Was Grandma, we gathered there

Church every Sunday
Grama’s garden gave her God
She grew everything there
Pounds of food for the grandkids she loved
Mounds of presents
Never forgetful
Grandma's house was a safe haven

Grandma Nora knew exactly what all her grandkids loved
Loving Grandma is where we gathered
Grandma Nora was chief, chef, church
A safe haven

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