Goodbye !

February 19, 2009
By katwilson GOLD, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
katwilson GOLD, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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The love I had for you,
once amazing in time...
is now lost,
lost for someone else to find ) :
I sat home crying,
dying, just waiting on you
but now, what have I got ?
A broken heart, a broken heart in two
When I read the text, I read my death
for my heart was in it, a long paused breath
You killed my dream, of us being one
someday, but now what ? now your gone.

I didnt know what to think, I didnt know what to do ?
But somehow, just somehow I had to get over you...
All the guys and kisses in the world
couldnt make up for hearing you say, "my girl"
time has passed, and the thought of you is almost gone...
eventhought I still think, i still wish we were one.

Its to much to ask for, for me to forget,
all the times we didnt spend together,
all the times I didnt get...
to hold you, to be held by you...
Oh I long for that so...
But now the wishing is bestowed
to some new girl, you call your love
for she will soon see that what you think of her
is nothing but a game, your break her heart, just for the fame.

just another chick, you can have to play...
like you did me, and soon another girl will be on the way
and so this is my finale last thought,
the way I loved you, ha... its already forgot
boy I wish nothing but tourmoil for you.

its not that hard anymore, forgeting your sight,
for that comes natural, I no longer have to fight
the feelings I had for you, when we were two...
I sure did miss you but now, Its upon you
to tell her the truth, to not play her like a fiddle
I know how it feels to be stung, even just a little.

Im done with you, and your foolish lies.

Tk, this is my finale goodbye !

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