A Violent Misunderstanding

February 19, 2009
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Emotions run deeps as does the
Soul as does the heart
They say words can not break
You, but yours have torn me apart

I have fallen into another world
Where happiness doesn’t exist
We beg and demand for peace,
While screaming and shaking our fists

Then I hit a bump forcing me back into
Reality, it’s an even sadder place
Where these pathetic dreams and
Perfect nightmares I must face

So I do, I face them
With a smile
Kicking and screaming
All the while

Irony strikes, now the
Truth is misconstrued
But how can I fight this battle,
When this battle’s over you

I don’t want to do this again
So I turn back to my muse
The one where the world is a simple
Place, the one not involving you

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