Dreams Vs. Reality

February 19, 2009
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Tell me you don’t love me and
I’ll simply turn and walk away
Tell me that you never cared and
I’ll simply agreed that it was a good game

If you can truly look me in the eyes and
With full honesty say you don’t really care
My face will never been seen again, and of me
In this world you will be unaware

But you must tell me that you feel nothing,
Need nothing, nor want nothing for me to run
Because once I am gone I’m not coming back,
Once I am gone, then this is through, I’m done

But you can’t

So I ask you to tell me that you love me, that you
Need me to stay here by your side,
That you want me to be there with you forever, and ever,
That in your life you want me to reside

To whisper the words “ I Love You” into my ear and
Take me by the hand and just run forever
To hold me close to you and chose a life of ease
With me, but you seem to be getting even more clever

Because this you can’t do either

So I sit here, stuck somewhere between my dreams and my
Reality hoping, no praying, that a decision will soon be made

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