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The Brook

April 23, 2018
By GirlWithAViolin BRONZE, Gray Summit 63039, Missouri
GirlWithAViolin BRONZE, Gray Summit 63039, Missouri
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~Walt Disney~

I skipped along a well-trodden path,
which many a man has wandered past


All of a sudden I came upon a brook,
It reminded me of the brooks, I’d read about in books


There was a ripple, a bubbling trickle
gently I put my hand into the water, and felt a soft tickle


The water was cold, and clear as glass,
as I sat and stared at this bubbling mass


Near the brook there was some thistles
All of a sudden I heard a bird whistle


The bird swooped and flew near the crystal clear water
it sat on a limb singing a chorus; hurriedly he quit to spot an otter


The otter splashed and played
while I sat in the shade


I could only marvel at the beauty of this scene in nature
that meant so much to this poor old stranger

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