Life In Death

February 19, 2009
By Deviant GOLD, Sebring, Florida
Deviant GOLD, Sebring, Florida
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He walks alone. He always did.
He prefers it that way. Suit. Tie.
An everyday business man. Lost.
He turns to the left. A vast pit of
Emptiness. He turns to the right.
A door. A sign. “Your Past.”
He retreats into the immense darkness
That was to his left.
He walks into the gloom.
He stops, but is still counting. years. Has it really been
that long? Yes. Another door.
“Your Future.” He opens the door.
Another endless room of darkness.
His future. An untold story. A candle
In the wind. A single soldier facing an
Entire army. Lost. He reaches to walk
Back out. Locked. He turns. Another door.
“Your Death.” He opens the door. It’s white.
There is the sun. Clouds. A blue sky. Green
Hills. Death. Time. Time Stops. He doesn’t wait
Any longer. The door shuts behind him. He finds

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