“Moon and Stars”

February 19, 2009
By Deviant GOLD, Sebring, Florida
Deviant GOLD, Sebring, Florida
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Looking at the moon and stars
In the mesmerizing midnight sky
I begin to wish upon them all
Hoping our love will never die

I love you more then words can tell
More then emotions can describe
So why is it that no matter how long
I’m around you, I can’t help but act shy

I blush and smirk, and bit lip
And never ever know what to say
Every moment that I am around you is
Just one more moment to later replay

And I want to tell you everything
My secrets, my dreams, my desires
But then you look into my eyes
And my mouth freezes, while my heart sets fire

How can one person affect me so much
How can one person be my whole world
How can someone love me so much
When in my eyes I’m simply just another girl

But I see no point in any longer questioning
The fate that has been set in my path
So I’ll take his hand, I’ll take his heart,
And I’ll agree to leave it at that

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