Dear Dad

April 20, 2018
By Anonymous

And when the therapist asked

why i'm so sad

why I act out so bad

why everytime i saw you

my emotion was blue

maybe I should be spedning my precious time with you

everytime i see you, you been acting brand new

my heads in a cloud

no i'm not proud

you made our family fall apart

I think it may be time to restart

you dont try to contact me

maybe thats how it should be

mom worked two jobs to take care of us

the girls were so young, they put up a fuss

even though he hurt us so bad

he is still our dad

The author's comments:

Having a father in the military is hard on kids growing up. I felt like he never tried talking to my family and I. I was too young to understand what ws going on and it impacted my life.

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