A Fallen Spirit

February 19, 2009
By Deviant GOLD, Sebring, Florida
Deviant GOLD, Sebring, Florida
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“ A Fallen Spirit”

As I lay here alone this pain
Rises upon me straight from hell
I once felt like an angel
Now I’m only a seraph that fell

And the pain is intense
And this feeling won’t go away
But what can I do other then
Sit here and wait

I made my decision to
Leave you there in the cold
And now I can only sit here
And deal with regret’s hold

And I’m starting to miss the way you held me
They way you made me feel special with every look
And I wish the pieces of your heart were pieces of
Something I never took

Because now you are always with me
Even when I wish you would go away
And I wake up each and every morning with
A crestfallen look upon my face

So tell me what it is
That I need to do
To make these feelings go away,
These feelings that I have for you

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