Lost Then Found

February 19, 2009
By leah ackerman BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
leah ackerman BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
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I'm sitting in back
Just sitting right there
But the girl in the front, I see,
Has smiles to spare.
As I leave the room
I start the feel a burn
The girl with all smiles
Sits and stares with concern.
I walk out of the room,
Turn the corner,
And find the stairs,
The burn i once felt is now searing with despair.
As I make my way down
I see a girl who obviously belongs
She's standing at the bottom
And laughing along.
She looks so familiar
But I don't recognize.
Her smile is so blinding
And there's a sparkle in her eyes.
I stand there staring
While my feelings start to fade.
The girl's becoming more colorful,
As if that possibility was made.
I feel myself deteriorating,
But feeling better every second.
I feel myself get brighter and brighter
And i can't help it.
I'm in a differnet place now
Surrounded by happiness,
Laughing at the comments
And completely filled wtih bliss.
I look to the side
And i see the stairs,
I watch the girl that lost herself
Dissapear into thin air.

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