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Rise up

April 19, 2018
By tmc123 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
tmc123 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Run, as fast as you can

Don't let them hold you down

You aren't how they define you

You are more, so much more 

Don't question it

You're weird but a beautiful soul

Undoubtfully beautiful

Don't beat yourself up so much, you're trying

Give it time, time changes everything

Outer beauty will fade but inner beauty won't

Your beautiful soul will shine everlastingly

At the end of the day the opinon that truly matters is yours 

Maybe your mom , or your dad but mostly yours

Every little imperfection makes you--you

So embrace what you can't change 

Let go of anyything holding you back 

Today is the day, you can change your life

You just have to believe, believe in yourself 

Change doesn't just happen 

Like evrything, it takes time

Give it time, you'll change the world.

The author's comments:

This is a spoken word about something I know to be true so don't give up ever!

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