The End

April 12, 2009
By Jeffy BRONZE, San Angelo, Texas
Jeffy BRONZE, San Angelo, Texas
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What is the end?
Is it an eternal sleep where you never wake up?
Is it like the end of a movie with the credits rolling?
Showing everyone who has influenced who you are?
In the end do you see a replay of your life and everything you did?
Or do you just float up to where the angels fly?
Do you meet your maker and stand before him?
Hoping wishing he opens the gates and lets you in.
You see thats why everyone trys to live their lives the best they can, to know that they lived there life the best way means to them they were a good person.
In the end we all are who we are.
At the end you cant change what you've done or who you've hurt.
The end is a scary thing, but not neccessarily a bad thing.
The end, is what you make it.

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