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April 10, 2018
By Flow_ing BRONZE, Laewood, Kansas
Flow_ing BRONZE, Laewood, Kansas
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Watching the wind blow, the trees sway, and me sitting there watching it all.
I hear my mom calling me as I step out of this peaceful world, and reply.
Driving past the different buildings all shapes and sizes, the trees still sway.
After driving for awhile we arrive at a forest.
My mom opens the back to show me tents, sleeping bags, and all the camping supplies you would need.
The moon calls to me.
I try to reply, but nothing.
The trees still swaying.
I still wondering.
Will this all stay.

I wake to see my mom standing over me with a package of hotdogs.
Stretching out to land a rock I walk out holding my side.
I sit down while my mom gets my stick ready for me when I start to cook it.
My eyes staring at the trees.
I take it off carefully, and slowly set it in the bun.
I start to wonder will this all stay, as the trees sway.
Eating it slowly.
Watching the trees sway.
My mom calls to me.
I try to reply, nothing.
Yet I still wonder.
Will this all stay.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by a book called, "The Song of the Trees."

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